Salyssah & Reth’s Pre-Wedding at Stockton Sand Dunes

Welcome to the Pepper June blog, where we love to share remarkable stories and extraordinary captures. Today, we’re excited to take you on a journey to Stockton Sand Dunes, where we had the pleasure of capturing Salyssah and Reth’s pre-wedding photoshoot. With their dark outfits contrasted against the sandy landscape as our canvas. Join us as we recount this unforgettable adventure and offer valuable tips to help you plan your own pre-wedding photoshoot.

A Breathtaking Backdrop at Stockton Sand Dunes

Stockton Sand Dunes, located just outside Newcastle, Australia, provided an awe-inspiring backdrop for Salyssah and Reth’s pre-wedding photoshoot. These sand dunes stretch for miles, offering a unique landscape that added a touch of magic to every frame. The couple’s enthusiasm made the experience even more fun! From running down the dunes hand-in-hand to playfully spinning in each other around, their vibrant personalities truly shone through.

Hot Tips for a Memorable Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Here are our hot tips for a memorable pre-wedding photoshoot:

  • Coordinate your outfits while considering the surroundings. Experiment with contrasting colours to make your images pop.
  • Opt for golden hour late afternoon sessions to take advantage of the soft, warm lighting that adds a touch of romance to your photos.
  • Choose a location that holds personal significance for you as a couple or offers a unique and picturesque setting.
  • Listen to our prompts! We don’t just stand around and point the camera at you, we’ll give you little verbal prompts to help you along and get into a natural flow.

If you’re looking for a team of passionate photographers to help you document your love story, get in touch with us. Let’s create something extraordinary together!


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