Heavenly Horizons: Maddi & Andrew’s Panorama House Wedding

Once upon a sun-kissed day, Pepper June had the honour of capturing the timeless love story of Maddi and Andrew at Panorama House. Nestled atop a hill with literal panoramic views.

Morning Ritual

The day began with separate preparations. Maddi, with her radiant smile and a heart filled with joy, glowed as she prepped for the day. Did I mention she did her own make up!? Yes, Maddi is a make up artist with her own company Maddi Cutts Makeup so she knows how to doll up other brides on their big day and now it has come full circle and she is doing her own! Maddi’s decision to do her own makeup added a personal touch to the day.

Ceremony at Panorama House

As the sun bathed Panorama House in warm hues, the couple came together for a ceremony that mirrored their love. Andrew, dashing in his tailored suit, couldn’t contain the excitement brewing in his eyes as he awaited Maddi. Everyone seemed to pause as she walked down the aisle like an angelic vision. Who stole this girls wings because she definitely fell from heaven! The minimalist white and beige tones surrounding the couple added an extra layer of elegance, with the beautiful white gazebo as the feature!

Portraits & Reception

Post-ceremony, the newlyweds, now officially Mr. and Mrs. began their portraits around Panorama House. The breathtaking landscape of Panorama House served as the perfect backdrop and as the sun began its descent, it cast that golden hour glow upon the couple and the super fun bridal party!

The reception was a celebration of love! The all-white minimalist decor, adorned with subtle beige and pink accents, created a sophisticated atmosphere. The couple, surrounded by friends and family, danced the night away! May their days be filled with the same glowing love that radiated from Panorama House on that magical day. Here’s to Maddi and Andrew—a match made in heaven!

The Vendors
MUA – Maddi Cutts Makeup
Hair Stylist- CR Hair
Florist – Taylor Made Bouquets
Venue – Panorama House
Celebrant – Marry & Celebrate

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