Top Tips for your Pre-Wedding Shoot in an Arcade

Couple at an arcade playing a game with neon lighting surrounding them for a pre wedding photoshoot.

At The Pepper June Wedding Co, we believe that love should be celebrated at every stage of your journey together. Pre-wedding photo shoots offer couples an opportunity to capture their unique love story in a fun and exciting way! Recently, we had the pleasure of capturing the love story of Ethan and Jessica with a pre-wedding photo shoot in an arcade. If you’re looking for a fun pre-wedding date idea that combines nostalgia and romance, an arcade adventure could be it. In this blog post, we’ll share our top tips for a  pre-wedding date in an arcade, complete with photos from Ethan and Jessica’s date.

Choose the Right Arcade

The first step is to select the perfect location. Ethan and Jessica opted for a charming local arcade with classic games and vibrant colours, providing a captivating backdrop on neon lighting for their photos.

Casual Pre-wedding Outfits

To create the relaxed vibe consider coordinating your outfits to something fun and casual. Jessica opted for a denim blue jacket with a simple white dress and Ethan in a light blue shirt unbuttoned which both complimented the ultraviolet tones of the arcade.

Candid Moments

Arcades are bursting with opportunities for candid, playful, and romantic photos. Remember, embrace the spontaneity of the moment by playing games together, or stealing a kiss beside the glowing neon lights. These unscripted moments will capture your genuine connection and love.

If you both have favourite arcade games, be sure to include them in your pre-wedding date. Whether it’s a friendly air hockey match or a classic pinball game, these activities can add a personal touch to your photos and create memorable moments. I mean if you want to give us a whole dance routine on ‘dance dance revolution’ we are up to see that as well!

Hire a Professional Photographer for your Pre-wedding

To ensure your pre-wedding date in the arcade is captured beautifully, consider hiring a professional photographer. Our team at Pepper June knows how to work the light to our advantage. Ready to get in touch? Enquire here!

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